Random American Pop Star Interviewed in Finland

Q: Your song and especially the video for your song has received a lot of criticism. How do you respond to that?

  • Well, like I’ve said before, I’m very proud of my work, this song particularly. I’m empowering women all over the world. I’m embracing my womanhood. The video has caused quite a stir on YouTube which is more than I could’ve asked for, I’m so grateful for this experience. God has been with me all this time and I’m so blessed.

Q: So you think God approves songs and videos about sex and vaginas?

  • Oh yeah, totally. I mean what’s more natural than a vagina, right? It’s God’s gift to me and all women.

Q: Let’s discuss your video in greater detail. In your video you’re half-naked from the beginning to somewhere in the middle until you undress and perform in a see-through thong for the rest of the video. You’re lying on bed while bending and keeping your legs wide open. The message you’re sending seems to be ”Come and get it, if you can”. Many of your fans are very young adolescents. How do you think teenagers react to this? Do you ever feel that you should be a better role model for kids?

  • Wow, there were so many questions there that my brain hurts! [Laughs and giggles.] But yeah, all I can say is that I’m promoting a better self-esteem, I’m making teenagers feel more confident about themselves by empowering them —

Q: How do you empower them? In what way is your musical material empowering to anyone?

  • Well, you know, I’m a pop star so I’m not going to write a feminist essay on this subject, but um… I guess I’m showing them what’s sexy and beautiful and how to control a man.

Q: Right. We’re running out of time so I’m going to address one more thing. In general, Finland is a democratic and a very liberal country. Yet, you were almost banned from performing here. Some of the officials here called your music and the latest video ”completely and utterly obscene and offensive trash” and an example of very bad judgment. What do you have to say to that?

  • It sounds to me that Finland is an old prude! Come on, lighten up, Finlanders! Welcome to the 21st century! My music is the kind of music people listen to nowadays, and I can’t wait to get to perform to some of the cooler Finlanders!

Q: Thank you for the interview, Cyley Mirus. And by the way, it’s Finns, not Finlanders.

4 vastausta artikkeliin “Random American Pop Star Interviewed in Finland

  1. Olipa viihdyttävä tarina :) Pohjalla tietysti oli paljon suurempi ongelma. Typerää että tällaiset britneyt ja mileyt saa vaan aina enemmän näkyvyyttä. Samalla on niin paljon hyviä artisteja joista ei tiedä mitään.


    1. Kiva, että tykkäsit! En nimittäin ollut varma, avautuvatko tarinan merkitykset lukijoille sellaisina kuin ne tarkoitin. Mutta ihmiset ovat fiksuja, ja tämä ilmiö varmasti monelle tuttu. Harmittaa kyllä niiden hyvien artistien puolesta (sama koskee mm. kirjailijoita); monet helmet jäävät huomaamatta, kun julkisuutta saavat vain tietyt artistit (ja kirjat).



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